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Articles:Introduction to ADD Coaching by Andrea Little

Just What is Coaching (pdf) by Joel L. Young, MD and David Giwerc, MCC.

ADHD Coaching Fact Sheet (pdf)

In addition to psychological services, Betty-Shannon is also an experienced life coach. Much like therapy but in many ways completely distinct, coaching is an excellent tool to assist individuals in meeting their goals and reaching their potential. Coaching is not psychotherapy and does not address psychological issues. Instead we create strategies to help you overcome the obstacles between you and your aspirations. Common areas of focus include career advancement, academic improvement, time management, organization, overcoming procrastination, and medication management. While anyone can benefit from coaching, it is particularly effective for individuals who are impacted by the symptoms of ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, or chronic illnesses with unpredictable symptom flair ups.

If you are interested in beginning coaching with Betty-Shannon Prevatt please contact her for an appointment. Prior to your first meeting you will need to print off the following forms, complete them and bring them with you to your first session. While the typical coaching session is 30 minutes, the first few sessions will be 45-60 minutes as you will be developing the collaborative relationship.

Forms:Coaching Contract
Coaching Planning Form